Feb 22, 2012

The First Sewing Machine

Singer Multipurpose was my first sewing machine and our relationship lasted for more than 15 years!

Learning to sew with this stubborn piece of machinery was traumatic. I have literally pulled out my hair, scratched my skin out and swore every time the thread snapped and acted like a total psycho while using it. I have sung so many songs with it! Talked to it! Ok I am a psycho! :)

All said and done most of my early projects turned out well! I have bitter-sweet memories with this machine. But it had to be done and I exchanged it for a new machine in March last year. It is almost one year now... And I still think about it very often.

Dear Machine, I hope you are out there, happy, with someone more pleasant than me... who doesn't abuse or throw tantrums when the needle breaks! And on top of all I hope no one blames you to hide their poor sewing skills (that is me!)


  1. i have always wanted to learn how to use one , i know nothing on stitching or sewing but hope to pick it up some day :)

  2. Thank you Coral Crue! I wish you all the best! There is tons of help online for beginners! That's the way I am still learning :)