Feb 21, 2012

Design Specifications of a 5 year old

She is not an easy customer! You can't please her easily! She has specific ideas... and she won't budge! My daughter is one true critic.

Its difficult making clothes for her. This is what she likes "shiny, glittery, bling-bling, sleeveless/spaghetti straps, flowy and floral prints!" And oh yes, "PINK"!

But I still keep trying! This is a satin dress I made for her. The violet fabric is from Shrirampura, Bangalore and the peach fabric is from the old stash. The real challenge here was sewing those flowers to the dress. Next time I am definitely using something more lighter than satin for those flowers.

As evident from the picture, she wasn't too thrilled with the dress and finally it was gifted to my niece. She too showed her appreciation for the dress by unintentionally smearing some cake frosting onto it! :) Kids! What can I say!

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