Oct 8, 2012

Row, row, row your boat...

And we continue rowing our DIY boat into the vast sea of sewing :P and most of the time we are just lying in the boat staring lazily into the sky and dreaming away... WASTING precious time! But we are in the boat none the less and we dream (which is the most important thing).

This is the second attempt trying to make a boat neck or bateau neck or Sabrina neckline. The fabric was bought from an exhibition in Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore. The neck embroidery is done using old silk threads. These deserve a post of their own!! The design stitches are the standard in-built ones for the sewing machine we have. This design almost caused a mental break down because the threads kept snapping every now and then (especially the wicked pink ^$@^&!). In spite of adjusting the thread tension this kept happening and we think that was because of the old threads. Lesson learnt: Use new threads!

The embroidery doesn't really stand out because the threads and the stitches are too fine and are lost in the patterned fabric. Lesson learnt: Coordinate design, threads and the pattern of fabric.

A better idea might be to make this dress in black with gold piping at the neck and a thick pink and red hand embroidery around it!!! Can't wait to make that one!!!!

But this kurta turned out better than the last one we made. Will post the pictures of the first boat neck dress tomorrow.

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